Region: Veneto
Winemaker(s): Luigi Gregoletto

Winery Info

The Gregoletto family name can be found in historical archives dating from the late 16th, early 17th century, as viticoltori in the hills of Premaor di Miane, near Valdobbiadenne. When driving through this area today, the true heart of what is now the Prosecco DOCG, one is struck by the primitive nature of these hills. Steep, rustic ravines covered in wooden stakes and head-trained vines, you instantly are aware that this area of the world has changed very, very little over the centuries, when it comes to viticulture that is.

The Gregoletto family has two real specialties: semi-sparkling wine made sui lieviti or on its lees and still wine or vino tranquillo made from grapes traditionally used to make sparkling wine. They are among the very last growers in the Veneto to cultivate the indigenous Verdiso grape, making magnificent tranquillo and sui lieviti bottlings from it. They also make Prosecco in all of its forms, still, demi-sec, semi-sparkling, and metodo classico.

All of the family’s work from the vines to the bottling is done by hand, artisanally, carefully, and patiently, based on oral traditions passed down over the centuries. Many of their secrets are closely guarded. The sui lieviti bottlings represent the history of this region before the Champagne method was invented. Secondary fermentation takes place in bottle slowly and a fine sediment forms in the bottom of the bottles–by carefully pouring the wine you can easily leave the sediment in the bottle. The Gregoletto family’s wines are incredibly pure, refreshing, and elegant wines that can be enjoyed effortlessly. They provide instant pleasure.

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