Region: Canterbury
Winemaker(s): CP Lin

Winery Info

The name Erewhon is an anagram for “No Where,” intended to reference the remote vineyards and rugged landscape of New Zealand from which its Pinot Noir is harvested. The wine is 100% Pinot Noir and blended from vineyards across several regions on the South Island of New Zealand. In doing this, the best possible fruits from Waipara and Central Otago are brought together to create an amazing wine that showcases what bold, but balanced, New Zealand Pinot Noir has to offer.

CP Lin, one of New Zealand’s most talented winemakers and blenders, is the mastermind behind the Erewhon label. Born and Taiwan and blind from the age of two, Lin earned a degree in mathematics before becoming a renowned and respected winemaker. He has made wine around the world for the past eighteen years in the United States, Australia, Portugal, France, Italy and New Zealand. Lin was most recently the winemaker at Mountfod Eastate in the Waipara region from 1997-2013. He currently resides in New Zealand and is an enthusiastic knife collector.

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