Region: Champagne
Winemaker(s): Jean Michel Turgy

Winery Info

The vineyards stand in the well known zone of Le Mesnil-sur-Oger (Reims) one of the 17 Grand Crus of Champagne, in the heart of the Côte des Blancs. Enrico and Nadia, Enrico’s companion both in business and in life, are the two Italians (which sounds unusual for the Champagne area) who produce champagne with their “ vigneron” (a récoltant-manipulant, harvester-producer aka chef of the cave) Jean Michel. Enrico has always had a great passion for Champagne but his core business in life deals with environmental and rehabilitation engineering, through the “hydroseeding”technique, a process based on the use of slurry seed and mulch. This technique is applied to steep vineyards in order to prevent erosion and to provide oxygen to the vine roots. When Enrico was working as an environmental engineer first in Tuscany then in the Champagne region he had the chance to meet Jean Michel, his future wine maker. Since then his adventure in Champagne begun. The name, “Encry” is given by the union of Enrico’s nickname “Enry” and the letter “c” which stands of “champagne”. The Maison is registered as “Veuve Blanche Estelle” and is enrolled among the récoltants-manipulants: those small producers that harvest, produce and market their wines directly. This is the reason why we are able to see the mention R.M. on the label. The result: “vins de plaisir”, appreciated throughout the world, with a wide range of creations, the variety of which will fit all occasions perfectly. The aim of Maison Vue Blanche Estelle is to keep up the good job by producing finest champagne that enables to seduce and to gain those consumers looking for “Encry”, which means not only the prestige of a Grand Cuvée but also a brand that excels in taste and elegance. An excellent discovery of rare pleasures and sensations. The maison produces 4 different kinds of wine, all Chardonnay based.

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