El Vínculo

Region: Castilla-La Mancha
Winemaker(s): Alejandro Fernández , Eva María Fernández

Winery Info

From his earliest childhood, Alejandro Fernandez recalls spending time in his father’s bodega on the hillside above Pesquera de Duero, where friends and family joined together to enjoy wine, food and song in good company. This meaningful gathering spot was given the name ‘el vínculo’ (the union, or linkage), and he fondly remembers it as where his passion for viticulture and career and winemaking developed.

In early 1999, Alejandro purchased an abandoned winemaking facility in Campo de Criptana in the Ciudad Real province. Famous for his Tinto Pesquera and Condado de Haza wineries in Rivera del Duero, Alejandro saw the potential for even more greatness in this old, head-pruned Tempranillo vineyard amidst a sea of white (Arien) grapes. The last time it had been used was during World War II as a production site for alcohol, so he immediately undertook a total renovation and installation of modern winemaking facilities for the production of limited quantities of concentrated, oak-aged red wine. The first vintage, 1999, underwent malolactic fermentation, aged 16 months in oak and then six months in bottle prior to its scheduled domestic market debut in December 2001. Aptly christened El Vínculo, this wine closes a circle of Tempranillo-producing Fernandez properties and has seen enormous success since its first vintage release.

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