El Porvenir de Cafayate

Region: Salta
Proprietor(s): Lucía Romero-Marcuzzi
Winemaker(s): Francisco ‘Paco’ Puga

Winery Info

El Porvenir de Cafayate is a small family-owned winery that produces 100% estate, terroir-driven wines in the sandy soils of Argentina’s Cafayate. These vineyards were planted at an incredible 5,740 feet above sea level in the Northwest province of Salta, which is a highly unique and privileged grape growing region. Like Mendoza, Cafayate benefits from a large day-to-night temperature fluctuation and extremely low rainfall and humidity, so desert climate and poor soil favor the production of high quality grapes.

The Romero family bought the property in 2000 and built their house in the middle of an old vineyard called Finca El Retiro, which has significantly increased in size since due to years of expansion and growth. The winery is run by Lucia Romero-Marcuzzi, who works with a distinguished team that is dedicated to crafting small quantities of exceptional wines with an annual production limited to approximately 20,000 cases. Like all great winemakers, the family believes that quality begins in the vineyards, and so it exerts fanatical control and care throughout the entire winemaking process. This exceptional care begins in the planting and manual harvest stages, extends into the gravity-flow winery, and is maintained all the way through the wine’s aging process that takes place in French and American oak barrels. The result is some of the highest quality wine coming out of Argentina today that suggests a profitable future – or porvenir – is in store for Cafayate.

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