Domaine Rochette

Region: Burgundy
Winemaker(s): Joël Rochette , Matthieu Rochette

Winery Info

A family of winemakers for six generations (they think more but the paper trail stops at six!). The estate originally began with Joël’s Great-Great Grandfather, Joseph Jambon, in the split village of Villié-Morgon. The Jambons continued for two more generations in Villié-Morgon until 1936, when Joseph Jambon (3rd gen.) moved the estate to nearby Régnié-Durette due to lack of space at the original cellar. Marius Rochette, Joël’s father, took the reins from Joseph in the late 1950s and immediately expanded the estate’s acreage. Some 20 years later, in 1979, with his father being too young (47) to think about retiring, Joël Rochette decided to create his own estate, also located in Régnié-Durette. Joël purchased a small amount of land and the rest of his land under vine he rented from his family’s estate. At the end of 2008, Joël welcomed his son, Matthieu (25), who will be adding his own production of Côte de Brouilly to the Rochette lineup.

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