Domaine Pernot Belicard

Region: Burgundy
Winemaker(s): Philippe Pernot

Winery Info

Philippe Pernot’s father still runs the famous 17-hectare family domaine in Puligny-Montrachet. Some time in the future he will inherit his third of the domaine, but for now he is concentrating on the 6 hectares of vines that make up Pernot-Belicard, the domaine that came from his marriage to Mademoiselle Belicard. Her father was more of a fruit grower than winemaker and sold off most of what he produced. In contrast, Philippe is more interested in bottling under his own name and has let contracts with négociants run their course, allowing him to hold onto much more of his fruit.

His first vintage was as recent as 2009, and the quality of wine has progressed with each subsequent vintage with big leaps being made with the 2011s, 2012s and most recent 2013s. Space in both the cuverie and the cave has always been at a premium, and up until the 2012 vintage Philippe would bottle all his cuvées a year after harvest. However, the 2013 vintage saw him extent the length of élevage he gave his wines, and the results were impressive. The old vine cuvée of Meursault is produced from especially old vines (around 70 years), but there are plenty of old vines throughout the domaine.

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