Domaine Chatelus de la Roche

Region: Burgundy

Winery Info

Domaine Chatelus de la Roche is located in Saint-Laurent-d’Oignt in the heart of the “Pays des Pierres Dorées” (Golden Stone Country….the stones aren’t actually gold, they just have a yellow tint to them). The cellar is 15km from Villefranche in the deep south of the Beaujolais. Most of Pascal’s 60 acres of Gamay are located on slopes facing south-west and are mostly covered by granitic soils with a couple of parcels possessing both clay and limestone.

Just like his neighbors, all of Pascal’s harvesting is done by hand to maintain the fruit from vine to cellar. Pascal’s cellar is modern with 100% temperature-controlled steel and cement tanks. He also keeps cool air running in the cellar throughout the year to keep the wine in a constantly optimal climate. The annual production, which includes Beaujolais Nouveau, Beaujolais, Moulin-a-Vent, Morgon ‘Les Charmes’ and Beaujolais Blanc, is approximately 12,000 cases.

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