Château Puygueraud

Region: Bordeaux
Proprietor(s): Nicolas Thienpont

Winery Info

One name and one family have contributed to the breakthrough of the Côtes de Francs appellation: the “Thienpont tribe”. This family of négociants, originating in Oudenaarde (Flanders) also owns Vieux Chateau Certan, one of the best-known chateaus in Pomerol. The patriarch, George Thienpont, bought Château Puygueraud, which dominates the whole appellation, in 1946. Upon his arrival, he found the vineyards in ruins and set about revitalizing them through the planting of cereals and raising of cattle. It was only at the end of the 1970s that he began replanting the vineyards and in 1983, the first wine was produced. Today, the château produces three wines: Château Puygueraud, Château Lauriol and Cuvée George and it is one of George’s sons, Nicolas, who manages the vinification at the different properties.

Château Puygueraud is produced primarily from Merlot, with a proportion of Cabernet and a touch of Malbec, contributing to its peppery character. In 2005, all the Cabernet Sauvignon was pulled up and Cabernet Franc was planted in its place. This variety ripens earlier and is better suited to the terroir of the Côtes de Francs.

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