Château les Charmes Godard

Region: Bordeaux
Winemaker(s): Nicolas Thienpont

Winery Info

One name and one family have contributed to the breakthrough of the appellation: the “Thienpont tribe”. This family of negociants, originating in Oudenaarde (Flanders) also own Vieux Château Certan, one of the best known châteaux in Pomerol.

The patriarch, George Thienpont, bought Château Puygueraud, which dominates the whole appellation, in 1946. Upon his arrival he found the vineyards in ruins and set about revitalizing them through the planting of cereals and raising of cattle. It was only at the end of the 1970s that he began replanting the vineyards, and in 1983 his first wine was produced.

In 1988, Nicolas Thienpont and his brothers bought Les Charmes Godard, a property of 6.5 hectares that produces both red and white wine and, starting in 2005, a dessert wine called “Aurea”. The parcels are located in various parts of the Côtes de Francs appellation are planted on different soils, mainly a clay-limestone mix with in places soils of limon stone and subsoils of marne.

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