Château Larcis Ducasse

Region: Bordeaux
Winemaker(s): David Suire

Winery Info

Located within the historic perimeter of the Plateau and the Grande Côte, where the majority of Saint-Emilion’s Premier and Grand Crus Classés wines are located, the vineyards of Château Larcis Ducasse enjoy a terroir with exceptional natural qualities. Covering a total of 11 hectares of closely-grouped plots, it is situated to the west of Château Pavie and to the north of Château Troplong Mondot. Larcis Ducasse occupies a portion of the famous Pavie hill (‘Côte Pavie’) and enjoys a wonderful, fully south-facing position.

With the advice of Stéphane Derenoncourt and Julien Lavenu, as well the assistance of right-hand man David Suire, trained Bordeaux oenologist Nicolas Thienpont continues to produce quality wines at Château Larcis Ducasse. Well aware of the exceptional potential of the estate, the team leads in-depth studies of the available terroir, invests a considerable amount of resources into vineyard and cellar renovations, and combines traditional methods with innovative techniques to enhance the flavors of the land. All of this is to produce great wines: delicious, pure, mineral, long, powerful and fine ‘terroir wines’ that bear the mark of the land.

Château Larcis Ducasse was recognized with Premier Grand Cru Classé status in the 2012 Saint-Emilion wine classification. To be both acknowledged and rewarded for the quality of its wines and exceptional terroir was a tremendous honor.

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