Château Haut Bellevue

Region: Bordeaux
Winemaker(s): Alain Roses

Winery Info

Alain Roses inherited his respect and appreciation for the land from his forefathers. Conscious of his winemaking heritage at an early age, he never wished to live anywhere but amongst his family’s vines. Alain learned more about wine production and agriculture through hands-on experience in the heart of the Médoc vineyards than in his textbooks. For this reason he swiftly returned to the family vineyards upon completing Agricultural College in Blanquefort. His brother, though more interested in pursuing a career in the industrial sector, also found a sense of belongingness to his family business and would never miss a harvest — the Roses family ritual.

Alain assumed sole management of the vineyard in 1986, and a new modern vinification cellar and barrel-aging cellar were installed in 1991. The vines are never neglected, and certain plots have been re-planted. The grape varieties chosen for each plot are modified to bring out the best expression possible of the Lamarque terroir. Château Haut-Bellevue was awarded the title of Cru Bourgeois in June 2003, and Alain and his wife, Corinne, continue to live out their passion for wine to make it known throughout the world.



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