Champagne Malard

Region: Champagne
Winemaker(s): Jean-Louis Malard

Winery Info

The Malard House is an independent family House founded in 1996 by Jean-Louis Malard, a born-and-bred Champenois born in Eperney, capital city of Champagne. As a young boy he lived in the world of bubbles, and continues today to live with and for champagne. Only the game of rugby might have taken him away from wines. But Champagne caught up with him and in 1996 Jean-Louis started working as a trader and launched his own brand. In 16 years, he has conquered the French market and has now started on his international development while maintaining solid local bases.

Innovation, generosity, and the spirit of adventure and discovery are the main characteristics of this modern Malard House. Located in Aÿ-Champagne, renowned village of the Grands Crus de Noirs in the Montagne de Reims and headquarters of many internationally famous Champagne Houses, it creates champagnes with a unique style: freshness, elegance and balance.

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