Casta Diva

Region: Valencia
Winemaker(s): Felipe Gutierrez de la Vega

Winery Info

Felipe Gutierrez de la Vega founded his winery in 1987, installing modern winemaking equipment inside a converted mill in the remote mountain village of Parcent, where moscatel is the local specialty. The town lies in the Marina Alta, which is located in the Alicante province nearly 3,000 feet above sea level. Southerly Mediterranean breezes leave their humidity on the southfacing slopes of the peninsular ranges, creating an insular, humid microclimate which coaxes a higher level of acidity and flavor from the produce of the region: exquisitely intense oranges and highly aromatic Muscat of Alexandria. The Moscatel, grown in Marina Alta’s ancient terraces of Greco-Roman origin, mirrors the orange’s blossom in its bouquet.

Here Felipe produces his Casta Diva selection, and the Casta Diva Cosecha Miel (“honey harvest”) is among Spain’s most distinctive wines. Late-harvest Moscatel Romano is picked by individual bunch and delivered in small boxes to the bodega, where the free-run must is sent directly to new French and American oak barricas. After natural fermentation begins, fortification with neutral grape spirit is done gradually, by individual barrel. Natural sugar is retained while the alcohol level remains under 14%. Bottling is in late Spring, resulting in an elegant, ginger-spiced, honey-rich and tropically-intense nectar which ranks among the world’s greatest examples of its type.

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