Cantina Pardi

Region: Umbria
Proprietor(s): Pardi family
Winemaker(s): Giovanni Dubini

Winery Info

The origin of Sagrantino is uncertain: in Naturalis Historia Pliny the Elder mentioned the Itriola grape grown within the area where Sagrantino di Montefalco is now produced, but it is likely that this varietal was brought by the Franciscan monks returning from their travels in Asia Minor in the XIV-XV century.

Montefalco, one of the few towns in Italy where vineyards were planted within the city walls, boasts a very old tradition in viticulture and winemaking: in the 1400s laws regulated this sector, and starting in 1640 the beginning of harvest was established by a decree of the town council.

Moreover, the agricultural planning of the XV century can be seen in the wonderful frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli of the Monastery of San Francesco. The great-grandparents of the present owners used to vinify their grapes from 1919 to 1945 in the cellars, and the wines were then sold throughout Umbria and in the Vatican City. The family sold grapes up until 2002 when a new winery was established and wine started being bottled again.

The Pardi family has also owned a textile factory for three generations, the only one in Umbria where cotton and linen are still woven with traditional mechanical looms. That same passion and research for beauty and perfection can now be found in their wines.

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