Region: Piemonte
Proprietor(s): Andrea and Stefano Massone
Winemaker(s): Cristian Pomo

Winery Info

Camporosso, named after its red clayey soils, was purchased by Stefano and Andrea Massone in 1990, though the first harvest wasn’t until 2000. The 15 hectares of vineyards, all planted with Cortese grapes and within the Gavi appellation, stand at 300-350 meters above sea level on a ridge with a breathtaking view. The type of soil, part red clay and part limestone, makes the production naturally low and enhances the aromatics in the wines. Vinification and bottling take place at the Massone winery. Although the wine of Camporosso is different from the Masera and from the San Cristoforo, you will recognize the touch of Andrea and Stefano in this intense and fruity Gavi.

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