C.H. Berres

Region: Mosel
Winemaker(s): Markus Berres

Winery Info

The Berres family has resided and worked in the vineyard of Urzig since the 1510. Upon secularization of the Mozel by Napolean, one of the first great private wine estates to be established was that of Peter Nicolay in Urzig, and it included some of the finest sites in Germany. Through marriage and inheritance, the Nicolay property was renamed C.H. Berres after Carl Hubert, and it continues to produce and market the estate’s wine under that name today. The family vineyards are amongst the best in the region, located on the slopes of Urziger Qurzgarten, Urziger Goldwingert and Erdener Treppchen and recognized as some of the most outstanding Grand Cru sites in the whole of the Moselle Valley.

Markus Berres, 21st generation, took the helm of this prestigious family estate in 2003, after graduating from the Geisenheim Institute with a degree Viticulture and Enology and spending one year in the New Zealand wine industry. Today he is in the process of effecting one of the most significant renaissances in recent German wine history, while simultaneously adhering by and respecting the same principles upon which the legacy was established. C.H. has been a proud family tradition since 1510 with the intentions of remaining that way. In an age where complete control and effectiveness are given more attention than traditional practices, it’s comforting to know that there are winemakers, such as the Berres family, who still prioritize more of the traditional aspects of their craft.

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