Bravewood Bourbon

Region: New York

Winery Info

The first release of Bravewood NY Straight Bourbon is a blend of 5 barrels (two 53-gallon & three 30-gallon) of NY distilled whiskey, made from NY grains, then aged & bottled in NY. Aged a minimum of 2 years in charred new American Oak barrels. Handcrafted from a carefully selected mash bill of New York grains. The mash bill is 73% Corn, 14% Rye and 13% Malted Barley.

Bottled at 90 proof, this bourbon has pleasant notes of toasted oak, orchard fruit, vanilla and light toffee. It also has a very smooth and somewhat creamy mouthfeel, along with hints of chocolate and light tobacco spice.

Bravewood Bourbon is offered through Verity exclusively in Pennsylvania.

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