McFadden Farm

Region: California
Winemaker(s): Guinness McFadden

Winery Info

Founder Guinness McFadden has been growing grapes organically for over 40 years. Back when he started McFadden Vineyard, organic farming had a different name: farming. It is the quality of the grapes that puts McFadden ahead of other growers. Having experimented, McFadden has established blocks, or separate growing environments for different grapes in the vineyards. Head pruned and trellised, as well as irrigated and dry farmed, these vines are planted next to the Russian River and on rocky hillside slopes. The grapes of McFadden Farm are not grown one way, but are instead thoughtful and dynamic expressions of terroir, the marriage of grape to place, grown for desired varietal correctness.

There are unique corners in this world, where the people stay close to the soil and an understanding of the land. Potter Valley is such a place, and Guinness McFadden blesses the day he found it those many years ago. It is a peaceful place, where there is a softness in the hills that is gentle on those who walk them and the feeling of blessings hangs in the crystalline air. This green paradise at the edge of the wilderness…is the best of the best.

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