Bertrand Stehelin

Region: Rhône Valley
Winemaker(s): Bertrand Stehelin

Winery Info

In the 1400s, the Stehelins were a band of Swiss Mercenaries called into battle for hire in various wars, with “Stehe” meaning “holding” and “Lin” meaning “weapon” in old Swiss. It wasn’t until 1620 that Bertrand Stehelin’s ancestors (Leydier) showed the first signs of owning land and making wine at Paillère et Pied-Gu in Gigondas. In 1840, Fritz Stehelin left Switzerland to buy Château Mont-Thabor in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Bertrand’s uncle, Frèdèric, runs the winery today.

Directly following their marriage in 1979, Bertrand’s parents produced their first vintage together at Domaine Paillère et Pied-Gu. Bertrand’s legacy didn’t begin until 2004 when, at 24, produced his first vintage under his own label from 4 hectares in Gigondas. He also owned vines in Sablet and rented 1 hectare from his uncle in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Caroline Stehelin, Bertrand’s younger sister, joined her brother at the domaine in 2012.

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