Alpine Distilling

Region: Utah

Winery Info

Seeking to take his ancestors’ affinity for moonshining to the next level, Rob Sergent founded Alpine Distilling in Park City, Utah. The first Sergent to distill professionally, he strives to pay homage to the flavorful European spirits he enjoyed while living for many years in Great Britain and Germany. The culinary education he received in Louisiana has given him the skills to create an unrivaled complexity of flavor and aromas in Alpine’s products.

Having moved with his family to Park City in 2011, Rob instantly developed a passion for the world-class resort town and knew he wanted to nurture a business that complemented Summit County’s many accolades. Prior to establishing Alpine Distilling, he held high-level positions with Johnson & Johnson and the National Football League. Following his successes in the corporate world, Sergent says, “I wanted to create something from scratch that I am passionate about, teach my kids the value of hard work, and give back to the community we love.”

The Sergent family settled in Kentucky in the 1700’s and spirits have been an integral component of life for generations. Sometimes this lends a direct influence as in the Lafayette flavor profile (Granny Babe), other times it can be their desire to be the spirit that is shared when friends and family bond.  They value time with those they love and craft their spirits to be delicious and approachable.

Alpine Distilling is offered through Verity exclusively in New Jersey.

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