Region: Western Cape
Winemaker(s): Simon Wibberly

Winery Info

Alphabetical is a wine made from pretty damned good grapes grown in the harsh but beautiful winelands of the Western Cape, an area where the winemakers surf and the surfers make wine. Unlimited by set varietal or single origin snobbery, Alphabetical decided to get the best fruit from two areas: one hot and dry that produces rich, ripe fruit; the other slightly cooler that produces dark, intense flavors. With quality this good, it was hard to choose what to leave out. So winemakers Simon and David decided to include all of it. The result is a wine made from many varietals. How many? Well, let’s just say someone once joked, “It’s almost the whole alphabet!”

Alphabetical came from a decision to break the rules. Simon and David didn’t want to make a single-varietal wine or even a classic blend. They weren’t fussed with the areas of origin and didn’t have their own estate, let alone a hundred years of heritage. But they did want to make something great and something different. A wine that is voluptuous yet drinkable, impressive yet affordable. A serious wine, but one you can pour for aficionados as much as novices. A wine that is truly distinctive in package and memorable in taste. Which is exactly what they believe Alphabetical to be.

Together, Simon and David are Owl & Vine, a small company that creates distinctive wine brands. Rather than own land, they work with farms usually owned or managed by close friends, relationships that are key to their success. They ensure to have as much hands-on involvement wherever possible, whether it’s shoveling grapes into large open fermenters and sorting berries at harvest, pouring wine at a dinner or personally delivering wine.

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