Afianes Winery

Region: Aegean Islands

Winery Info

Afianes Winery was created in 1997 in Raches, Ikaria. Nikos Afianes, the owner and founder of the winery, started this project out of a love for wine. His main goal was to give Ikaria’s wine the place it deserves on the wine map of Greece and around the world. Ikaria is an island in the Eastern Aegean with roughly 5,000 inhabitants. A mountainous island, rich in vegetation and fresh water streams, Ikaria has been recognized as the “blue zone” as it is noted for phenomenal longevity in its habitants.

In September of 2007, the modern winery opened to the public at Profitis Ilias, Raches. It is built on a vineyard at an altitude of 610 meters. Afianes Winery began with the sole intent to showcase Ikaria’s primary indigenous grape: Begleri. The Begleri grape is pink-hued and expresses intense aromatic character of citrus, kiwi and tropical fruit with zesty acid.

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