Matias Garcés Silva launched Amayna with his family’s support in 2002. The word “amayna” in Chile loosely translates to “the calm after the storm” – it is that ominous yet peaceful feeling that you only experience around the ocean. Their gravity fed winery and vineyards sit just 7 miles from the Pacific Ocean.


Boya was created by the Garcés Silva family, pioneers in Chilean boutique estate wines. Boya in Spanish means “buoy” – an appropriate name for a wine coming from vineyards that overlook the Pacific Ocean. The winery architecture is inspired by its environment, and the surrounding rolling hills determine different levels within the winery. The wine… Read more »

J. Bouchon

Bouchon Family Wines began in the late 19th century when young viticulturist Emile Bouchon left France for Chile. Today, Julio Bouchon and his children carry on their family winemaking tradition in the Maule Valley. Chief Winemaker Felipe Ramirez joined Bouchon in 2014 after working in Alsace, Bordeaux, Cotes du Rhone, California, and Oregon. His global… Read more »

Perez Cruz

Perez Cruz is a family-owned winery focused on the production of 100% estate, carefully crafted red blends that express and respect the terroir of the property combining tradition and modernity. The Perez Cruz family purchased the Liguai property – which translates to “Fortune Teller” in the Mapuche language – in 1963 but didn’t begin planting… Read more »